Alert on: Rachel Brimble & Ethan's Daughter (Templeton Cove Stories) #Giveaway

This week the alert is on author Rachel Brimble and her latest book, Ethan's Daughter (Templeton Cove Stories). And she has giveaway news!

There's safety in solitude…isn't there? 
Single dad and best-selling thriller writer Ethan James has no problem being Templeton Cove's most famous recluse…until a surprise visit from the past plunges him into a real-life crime drama just as feisty nurse Leah Dixon barges her way into his world. 
Ethan's first priority is to protect his daughter. His second priority is to keep Leah out of this dark web—and that means out of his bed. Except Leah isn't going anywhere; she's afraid little Daisy is in danger. Ethan couldn't live with himself if anything happened to Leah…but pushing her away may be even harder!

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Welcome to Templeton Cove…

It’s great to be here today and have the chance to tell your lovely visitors a little bit about my fictional UK seaside town of Templeton Cove.

It has always been a dream of mine to write a series of books set in the same small town…due to my obsession with many Nora Roberts series, Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series and Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series. All of these books influenced my love of small town romances and the dream of creating a huge cast of characters.

The debut book in the Templeton Cove series is Finding Justice. When my agent submitted this book to Harlequin, I was already writing book two, A Man Like Him, with the hope both books would be the start of a series. These books were soon contracted…you can imagine my hysteria when Harlequin offered me a contract for a further three (What Belongs To Her & Christmas At The Cove and Her Hometown Redemption) and then, a year later, another three (Saved By The Firefighter, Ethan’s Daughter and A Stranger In The Cove which I am busy revising as we speak!

All the books can be read stand-alone and are a mix of mainstream romance and romantic suspense stories. I have some main recurring characters that pop up in, if not all, then certainly some of the books. The most popular of these characters for both my readers and I is the town’s matriarch, Marian Cohen. She’s feisty, fun and has a heart big enough to hold the whole world – she’s the oracle, the person all the young hero and heroines and secondary characters go to when they need help, comfort or advice. She is a joy to write every time!

The more Templeton Cove books I release, the more people seem to enjoy them. I love the Cove and its residents so much, but the series will come to an end with what I consider ‘Marian’s Story’ – A Stranger In The Cove J

If you like small-town romance, with a cast of quirky, fun and sentimental characters with lots of laughter, tears, suspense and adventure, I’d love you to give Templeton Cove a try!

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  1. This story sounds interesting and intriguing! Thanks so much for sharing, Rachel! Congratulations on the release!

  2. I really like love stories and thrillers .
    and this one sounds amazing my friend!

  3. Congrats on the new, Rachel! And congrats on having an agent and getting a contract with Harlequin. :)

  4. Thank you so much for all your kind comments! Writing can be such a lonely job but having readers chat & share their love of books makes it SO worth it 😊😊

  5. Sounds like a great story. Plus, I loved hearing from Rachel and her inspiration for writing a series of books that take place in the same town. Wishing her all the best!

  6. There's not too many books or romances where the main character center is a single father, which makes me really appreciate this novel :D

  7. Hello, ladies! Thanks for visiting & you'll give Ethan's Daughter a read :)

  8. Greetings from the UK. Sounds like a good read. Good luck.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.