Alert on Melanie Milburne, & His Innocent's Passionate Awakening

Untouched and unawakened…
Or redemption?
Rather than lose her beloved estate to ultrarich playboy Luca Ferrantelli, Artemisia agrees to wed him…on paper. Traumatized by a devastating accident, the heiress hasn’t left the castello in years. She knows nothing of the world outside—nothing of a man’s touch.

If there’s a chance that marrying Artie will give his grandfather the will to live, Luca must do it. But he’s determined to resist the addictive pull of Artie’s vibrancy and vulnerability. Until their scorching wedding kiss stirs the beauty to sensual new life!

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How long on average does it take you to write a book?

I used to take a lot less time to write a book than I currently do. My process has changed a bit over the course of my career. I used to be a pure pantser ( writing organically without a firm plot in mind) but now I am more of an inbetweener. I like to both plot and write organically. I aim for 10,000 words a week and all going well, that means I get a book done in five to six weeks. I take another couple of weeks to do edits and have a rest if possible! Of course, life gets in the way now and again and some weeks will be better than others but it all works out in the end-mostly! 

Tell us about your book...

My editor asked me to do a modern retelling of a well-loved fairy story, so I chose Sleeping Beauty. His Innocent's Passionate Awakening is the story of a young woman who has crippling social anxiety. Artie is asleep to her potential, as she is
locked away from the public in her family castello in Italy. The hero- Luca Ferrantelli- needs a wife in a hurry to encourage his grandfather to have chemo rather than give up on life. Artie needs the money Luca is offering to be his wife to save her castello, but is unable to be the public wife Luca needs her to be. But the passion he stirs in her awakens her to the possibility of both freedom from her prison and love. 

Meet the Author               Melanie Milburne

Melanie Milburne writes modern romance stories for Harlequin Mills and Boon. Her love affair with romance novels began when she read her first romance at the age of seventeen and it inspired a dream to one day become a romance author. With over 80 books in print and several industry awards and nominations for her work, Melanie enjoys crafting contemporary romance stories from her home in Hobart in beautiful Tasmania, where she lives with her husband and fur family of two dogs and two cats. 

I hope you enjoy my stories and look forward to hearing from you.

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