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This week's Author is Rachael Thomas. She has a new book, A Child Claimed by Gold. 

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What made you tell this story and why did you write this book?
The idea for Nikolai and Emma’s story came to me whilst watching a program about travelling through Russia and Nikolai arrived in my mind, determined to keep the dark secrets of his family’s past a secret. The perfect heroine for him would be a woman who would be as equally determined to uncover them and so Emma arrived on the scene, with her photography assignment for World in Photographs. She needs the story to launch her fledgling photography career and from that moment on, their story just had to be written!

What is your favorite scene?
One of my favorite scenes is when Nikolai has taken Emma to see the house he grew up in, now derelict and neglected but still holding far too many menacing memories. Emma is taking photographs for her assignment, or so he thinks, but the poignant image of him looking at the empty shell of his past proves almost too much for Emma.

Tell us a little about your book?
Emma Sanders has arrived in Russia with a photography assignment which could not only give her a permanent contract, but has allowed her to visit her younger sister who is studying ballet at one of the most prestigious schools. Nikolai Cunningham has travelled from his home in New York, outraged that his Russian grandmother is willing to unleash all the dark secrets from his family’s past and determined to do whatever is necessary to keep those secrets safe. When he meets Emma, it is easy to distract her at first with the harsh beauty of his homeland in winter, but the attraction between them is growing and resisting that is much harder. One night of passion leads to a new secret, one that Emma travels to New York to tell him several months later and one that will unleash all the secrets of the past as he claims his child by claiming Emma as his wife.

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A Child Claimed by Gold

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  1. That's interesting where the idea for the story came from.

  2. I've seen this book on other blogs. Congrats to Rachel! :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this wonderful post .
    Resources that inspired Rachel are interesting. Story line is simple with intriguing curves.
    Thank you for sharing this very nice book with us dear friend!

    1. Glad you enjoyed baili and thanks for stopping by!

  4. It sounds like a good book with good twists and turns... congratulations Rachel xox

  5. Sounds like an intriguing plot.
    Congrats to Rachael.

  6. I really love when books are set in foreign countries, where we get to see a lot of culture. And a royal family? That can't go wrong for me either! This sounds like it is going to be a good read!

  7. How interesting that the idea came from a show about traveling through Russia. Books that take place in other countries always intrigue me. Thanks for sharing!