Dead Men Play The Game by Jacqui Jacoby #Giveaway

  Title:   Dead Men Play The Game

Author:  Jacqui Jacoby

Genre: Paranormal



Dead Men Play The Game

For a hundred years, Ian Stuart has fought the monster controlling his life. Living as a human among humans, he wants to fill the void that has followed him from one empty, lonely relationship to another other.

Ashley Barrow is working the worst murder case in Davenport, Oregon's history. She needs a drink to forget the detailed images in mind. When she walks into Ian's pub, Ian knows their lives are about to change, if only for a short while. Vampire and human, their relationships can only last so long. But an enemy from Ian's past has his own agenda about their future.

 His sadistic revenge changes Ashley forever, leaving Ian and his long time friends – Travis, Jason, Quinn and Evan -- desperate to ease her into her new life and find a way to defeat their enemy.

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Meet the Author                           Jacqui Jacoby 

Award-winning author, Jacqui Jacoby lives and writes in the beauty of Northern Arizona. She is the owner of Body Count Productions, Inc, which keeps her career moving. Currently adjusting to being an empty nester with her first grandchild to draw her pictures, Jacqui is a self-defense hobbyist. Having studied martial arts for numerous years, she retired in 2006 from the sport, yet still brings the strength she learned from the discipline to her characters. She is a working writer, whose career includes writing books, teaching online and live workshops and penning short nonfiction.

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Dead Men Play The Game
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  1. WooHoo! I'm loving the story! Its fabulous!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I'll take the luck of the Irish that comes out in Book II, DEAD MEN SEAL THE DEAL

  3. Wow, Jacqui has her groove on! Go Jacqui!

  4. The story sounds interesting so does the author. Very rare combination ie Martial arts and Literature. Wow!

    1. If you met my kids, you might get it. LOL Read this:

  5. Good luck to Jacqui with this new book. I like the cover. I've always found quaint beauty in old wood coffins or pine boxes.
    Martial arts.....I want that to be my next project. ......well after I get my "earth oven" built. We should always be working on
    projects and Jacqui sounds like one busy lady.

    1. I go to my desk after breakfast in my pajamas (yes, Ash did get her love of them from me) and I work there off my day planner (Miguel) with my cats wandering around (I scored a ten or ten on a Are You a Crazy Cat Lady Quiz -- True Story) and I stay like this until I have to leave the house. So busy? Yeap. Comfortable, more so.

  6. Looks like a great story. I entered the giveaway. :)

    1. Good luck on the win. We're running a special at the web site too if that appeals to you. Last night, Dead Men hit #1 on the Kindle Amazon list. Very exciting.

  7. I write Romance With a Body Count .... sorta created itself. Glad you like it. ^,,^